Saturday, 12 November 2011


About Us
About Us - Welcome to, Your Neighborhood Matchmaker Site!.Our aim is to provide you with the best and easiest internet way to find marriage alliances. The portal is an honest and humble attempt that will fulfill all your specific needs.
Providing a welcome platform for neighborhood people, we are one of the few matrimony portals in the world to offer optimal satisfaction. The web service intends to provide comprehensive marriage-related services through our consortium of upcoming regional based portals and service/franchise centers.
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 Promoter’s Vision:

According to Mr. S.Senthilkumar , the chief promoter, the portal has become a forum for those individuals of any background to insert their matrimonial listings in a confidential way.

He points out -"there is a wide growing problem today in our society to find the right partner due to many factors -the traditional methods of introducing a prospective partner is declining due to social pressures and in modern times, sometimes a newer approach is necessary".

Mission :

“To assist the neighborhood fellow citizens in bridging the growing gap with newer and fresher approaches, one with a personal touch and deliver a service which is affordable by everyone!”